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Dan Margulis

On Apr 12, 2020, at 8:55 PM, LayerActionBoy <johnrsgogl@...> wrote:

Anyone know how to revive older CS5 files? Photoshop2020 will not open them. Anyone know of any way to open them. 

Basically this is a question of the type, “Mr. Mechanic, my car doesn’t work, what’s wrong with it?” or “Doctor, I don’t feel well, can you prescribe me something?” We normally need just a few more details, such as the type of file that doesn’t open, and exactly what happens when you try.

There is no generic reason why a file from any version of Photoshop wouldn’t open in a later version. Since other programs can apparently open these files, my guess is that it involves the file suffix. Photoshop has never needed a file suffix to identify what type of file it’s trying to open. In earlier versions of Photoshop, it wouldn’t even matter if the suffix was wrong, the file would open anyway. But around CS5, as I recall, behavior changed and if the suffix was wrong the file wouldn’t open. So, it’s possible that if you have something called filename.tif, but it is in fact a JPEG, that CS5 could open it and a later version could not.

Dan Margulis

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