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Dan Margulis

On Feb 20, 2020, at 1:49 PM, Thomas Hurd,MD via Groups.Io <tomhurd@...> wrote:

Even so, a color course in Atlanta is something that I would alter my itinerary to include before I go.

OK. It sounds from the traffic on this list and a couple of messages I have gotten off-line that we have enough people to run a four-day ACT class in Atlanta. The format in principle would be the same as always, as described at

As always, it would change to reflect advances in knowledge. The first two days traditionally are mine, using simple images chosen by me that test standard retouching abilities. The last two days belong to the group; we choose the images and the lecture topics together. So, if people want to talk about art, we can do that.

Sterling and I have discussed the schedule and it’s all pretty flexible. We suggested either the week of Monday June 8 or that of Monday June 15. Historically, we have always run these classes from Wednesday to Saturday, because some people want to miss as few days of work as possible. But Tuesday-Friday is doable. Monday-Thursday is not because I would need the Monday to set up.

The hours for this class are quite brutal, especially on the second and third days. Count on about 40 hours in the classroom.

The location is a northeastern suburb of Atlanta with inexpensive lodging.

If people are interested in doing this, let’s hear some date preferences.

Dan Margulis

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