Re: How simultaneous contrast tricks even experts

Hector Davila

Even within this email list [colortheory] I get confused with the different language I see. For example, reading
Dan Margulis book I learned the PPW.

Now, the PPW I learned is about taking a picture from start to finish using PPW (around 9 or ten steps).

But others here mentioned PPW, and I discovered a little late they are talking about PPW The Panel. (not PPW the step by step method)

And also, Dan Margulis use of the word "contrast" is different than I'm used to using and understanding.

Hector Davila

On 2/22/2020 1:03 AM, Paco Rosso wrote:
The same words in diferent industries have diferent meanings. And this make a problem when two persons, from different industries talk about the same topic with the same words. It is like to talk different idioms with the same words.

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