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Rick Lush

For those of us who have sent in the order form but have not as yet been invoiced is there any news?

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As can be seen from the posting time Sterling has been up most of the night finalizing this form. When I woke up he had sent it to me for an OK when I woke up. As we all know, the devil never sleeps, but I believe that Sterling does, so I’ve made an executive decision. In view of the extreme shortness of time I will refrain from turning it into a work of art and have now posted it to our files section, direct link
To reiterate some of the points:
*The thread in which so many members announced that they intended to buy, and sometimes buy multiple copies—that was advisory only. To actually get the book through this process you need to fill out the interactive PDF and fax or e-mail it per the instructions. And, because the pressrun starts Monday, we need this right away—not later than Tuesday for the new book
Greetings to all from the pressroom, located in the great Pacific Northwest. Production started yesterday and is progressing slower than I would like but the quality is good. I don't have a prognosis yet on when books will ship or whether I will be able to autograph them, but I want to remind everyone that today is the deadline for placing an order to be shipped from here. The balance of the books will be shipped to Atlanta first, so there will be a significant delay before they become available again.

We had some warning that there would be a big response from an earlier thread, but still I am very surprised--pleasantly, of course--by the large number of pre-orders. On the one hand this is a book somewhat outside of my normal field, which suggests that it might have very few sales, but on the other my normal audience is limited to people who know Photoshop fairly well, whereas this one could appeal to anyone who is interested in color, whether or not they can use a computer. I know feel somewhat ruefully that the second factor is more important and that we should have ordered more. Time will tell.

Dan Margulis

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