Re: Heads up re ordering Chevreul book

Douglas K. Jardine

Wonderful, Dan.� Please sign the copy that is mailed to me--ah yes, I've yet to pay for it, but that must be coming.:-)



On 2020-01-10 10:53 a.m., Dan Margulis via Groups.Io wrote:

On Jan 10, 2020, at 1:34 PM, Douglas K. Jardine <d_jardine@...> wrote:

As of this time, 10:23a.m. PST, I have been through all the posts regarding submitted order files being rejected.

At 9:36a.m. PST, today Friday Jan 10, I sent my digitally signed order form (probably the form preceding your oder form #2) to the sales address that Sterling gave me in his post that is time stamped Jan 09, 2020 at 10:51p.m. PST.� To this point in time I have not received any "system type" post saying that my post has been rejected.

In the face of this, I am therefore not completing and mailing a second order form using your form #2--or, should I be submitting an order using form #2?

Appreciate your further advice.


The situation is such that I�m not sure of what you were up to with Sterling, but one way or another an order came in from you at 9:37 PST for one book.�


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