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Sterling Ledet

Just to prevent confusion, Doug emailed me between when I sent him the private email of the final revisions and when I posted to him that I was sending it. I spoke to Dan a couple of hours ago and I am 98% sure we are on the same page. Tomorrow morning I expect Dan will either approve the PDF form I just sent to Doug or make some additional  changes and then we will post it to


Just fill out the form and send it in via email or fax. You’ll get an invoice pretty soon after you send in the form. Get your order in before 5:00 PM Eastern US Time Tuesday and pay it before 12:00 Eastern US Time Wednesday in order to meet the deadline and be on the list to receive books from the printer before Dan leaves.


In general, if you want this book, get it in before Monday please. We all want Dan to do his job and focus on the press check! That’s especially true if you want a signed copy of Modern Color Workflow. I told Dan I’d be happy to send the MCW with no additional shipping expense from the inventory in Atlanta but he won’t be here it sign it so if you want his signature, you really should make sure to put your order in tomorrow.


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Hi Sterling,

You said you were sending me the probably final PDF version of the order form, but no file was attached to your post.

How do I proceed, or should I just wait a bit longer.



On 2020-01-09 10:44 p.m., Sterling Ledet wrote:

I'm finalizing the order form right now and just sent Dan my hopefully final revisions. Doug, you are the first entry in the official excel file but we'll still need your signed order form to make this official. I'm emailing you the latest (probably final, unless Dan makes additional changes) PDF.

For others, the basic instructions will be to fill out this form, email it to sales@... or fax it to +01- 770-414-5661 before end of business Tuesday (Eastern US Time) and pay the resulting invoice before noon on Wednesday.

The form will be live and posted tomorrow before noon Eastern US time.

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