Re: Heads up re ordering Chevreul book

Douglas K. Jardine

Hello Dan,

I am a lurker on your web site.� I am not a beta reader.

However, when you first announced your book, I wrote saying I wanted to buy one, one that was autographed if that could possibly be arranged.

If I am among the few to whom you have mailed an autographed copy, please let me know--privately to my email address is just fine.� I'd like to know that before ordering is closed; If I don't hear I'll order one before the deadline date.� If I end up with two copies, that's also fine.



On 2020-01-09 1:05 p.m., Dan Margulis via Groups.Io wrote:
It would not be worth the aggravation. Outside of beta readers, I can count on my fingers the number of readers who insist on having an autographed copy. For those, I�ve simply mailed out copies from my house, granted that I travel a lot and that inasmuch as I have no shipping department, and a package of greater than .4 kg cannot be dropped into a mailbox, it has to wait until I get to a post office.

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