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Thomas Hurd,MD


Just to be clear, I acquired the LAST copy that was NOT ridiculously overpriced.

Glad to hear there may be another ACT class forthcoming. I live in the Atlanta area, but I found out too late about the Atlanta class that year. And, I also wanted to study up before I got to the intensity of a four day class.  Unfortunately, I found out about the cancellation while I was in my Delta seat to San Diego!

The trip was not a complete loss. My wife, Deborah, and I spent a week foraging around the area and even took a photo tour class. So, I have more material!

As a physician I fully understand your plight of the bilateral TKA. I am retired, provisionally, from a trauma to my right arm. So I also have more time than ever, but the time seems to get just as overbooked as working did. Without the same deadlines…


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This is my first posting to this group. I have been following Dan’s career by purchasing, reading, and trying to move past misunderstanding to awareness. As my first copy of the second LAB book is in several pieces, I had to go to the secondary market to purchase a second and third copy (one for a friend whose eyes were opened when I took his image of hot air balloons in formation, photographed by him from above, and recorrected it in 60 seconds so it popped from his computer screen almost as much as his eyes from his head. ). I’m pretty I bought the last copy available of that LAB book under $900.
I preemptively bought extra PPW books based on that experience.   Having browsed the file on the Chevreul book contents, I want to order 6, which is as close as I will get to a bulk order, but I have local friends who now will cherish this book.
Is there any chance you will have a color theory class this year, Dan? (I was enrolled in an ill fated course in San Diego)


First of all, I am glad you have gotten so much out of CC2E, and gladder that you seem to have the wherewithal to acquire these ridiculously overpriced copies. The Chevreul book will not give as much immediate satisfaction in terms of making peoples eyes pop, but it is much more likely than a non-expert friend will find it entertaining and useful.

We haven’t made a decision about an ACT class this year, will probably do so in the next month. We had one scheduled in 2019 but I had to withdraw with a health issue (as in, bilateral TKA). No such problems are anticipated this year, but then again I am enjoying retirement. Lots of vacation pictures to apply PPW to!

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