Re: On the Simultaneous Contrast of Colors

Francis Corvin

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I'm really excited to get my hands on this book. It's incredible how many Photoshop pros and photographers I meet who have zero engagement with art history, visual culture studies, let alone works of the great painters. Anything we can do to remind artists that art didn't start in the 20th century is a good use of time.

This is a lot truer than I thought when I started the project.

The more I progress as a photographer the more I realise that cultural awareness of the pictural world is what sets apart the great from the good. There is no way around mastering the techniques of image-making, but knowing the context and purpose in which to apply them is fundamental.

Making this culture relevant to the modern photographer is as rare as it is useful. Whereas a book on Photoshop has a shelf life of a few years, this one's promises to be measured in decades. The only question is why I haven't already bought it already (OK, we all know the answer to that).

Count me in, please, Dan.

Francis Corvin

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