Upgrade PS, Can you run two versions?

Jim Donovan

 Been bouncing around this subject for years. I work for a publishing company my job is to prep/correct/retouch all photos that print in our magazines. We print a host of niche magazine titles  that print sheetfed and web. I process many hundreds of photos per month.
I run PS 2014 and use the Dan's panel several amazing plus ins. Works fantastic. I have a very specific workflow and many go to time proven methods that produce consistently good results. I haven't seen anything in any update since PS 2014 that would be enough benefit my specific workflow to go through the headache of upgrading and re-setting up my photoshop set up.

 A glance at 2019 PS has me intrigued with several tools that finally would be of benefit to me. The new Content Aware(stunning! Check it out!), The Modern Undo, Blendmode preview, Color Wheel(uses HSB!) Auto Commit and 2x select subject have me pondering and upgrade.

 I have gotten many mixed answers and I need to know 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that I CAN RUN two photoshops completely independent of each other at the same time with no issues what so ever. Like they don't even know each other is on my mac. I've heard sure you can, I've heard no you can't, I've heard you must replace an old version and start from scratch and every combination you can think of. I LOVE photsohop, I HATE having to play around with something trying to make it work, don't have time or interest to do so. It needs to work, now. I have two versions of Indesign that work just fine and independent on the same mac. I don't have time to fix a train wreck.

 Didn't know who else to ask. So what has been everyone's experience with upgrading PS? Can I run TWO versions with NO issues like I can with Indesign? Hopefully I can get a 100% answer and  download and set up PS 2019 with doing ANY damage to my PS 2014. Thank you for your time.

Jim Donovan
Harris Publishing

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