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Jim Donovan

Thank you Dan. I take it if v5 doesn't work properly I can always uninstall it and go back to v4 correct? Also I am guessing only one version of the panel can be run at a time? Jim Donovan

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Jim Donovan writes,

My question is being lost in the naming insanity will this new version of the panel work on PS CC 2014? 

Among the issues caused by so many CC versions is that we no longer have copies of all of them to test with. The technical answer to your question is, yes, it ought to work with CC2014. OTOH, if you try it, and something goes wrong, we have only a limited ability to assist you.

Our view is that the only versions of Photoshop that maintain a large user base are CS6 plus the last two CC versions. If people want to try v5 of the panel on an earlier CC version, AFAWK it will work, but you’re basically on your own. Versions of Photoshop earlier than CS6 definitely won’t work (although we will keep v4.0.5 for CS5 posted for convenience, at least for a while).

Dan Margulis

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