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Jim Donovan

 Did anyone else watch the "Video Quick Tips"? My first impression is my goodness is the lady narrating is beyond cheesy and just flat out annoying. I find it hard to take a product seriously when the first impression is that poor, just not a good look. I would surely look past that if the product is good. Would love to to hear from anyone who has actually tried it out on a bunch of images. I may try out the free trail and see what it is like.

 Secondly the video with the dog on the left has a bunch of what look like other examples to click on after the video is done running, so I clicked on a few. They were links to Youtube videos of The Munsters, Cream's 1969 Farewell Concert, Michael Jackson Videos and some others. Just found this bizarre. Maybe it's me? Jim Donovan

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Michael Jahn:
"...So, Gunnar, perhaps that is the disconnect - are you sharpening for inject
printing, wide format or digital printing systems - or are your images
being printed in offset ( or flexo / rotogravure / letterpress / something
else ) ?..."

Michael – like I said initially – I apply some very light sharpening in the RAW conversion process, (which results in a .tif file) set to no sharpening...after RAW conversion I polish in Photoshop (in accordance with my own workflow) but absolutely no sharpening – my aim is to produce an optimal RGB file and that's it. – Years ago, when I scanned my Kodachromes, I did very differently...(then I did edge selected sharpening in I never bother with LAB)
gunnar kullenberg

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