Correcting Video Log Files......

Jim Donovan

 First things first, I am very ,very new at dealing with color correcting video. Send hundreds and hundreds of pix to press web and sheetfed weekly. We have some video log footage that needs corrected. I realize that it takes adjustment layers exported, color look up tables to generate the 3dl, cube and a few other files. I have successfully done so with files that have adjustment layers and hand all of them off to our video guy and he takes it from there. I fully admit I am not versed in the files that are generated, that is our video guys specialty. I have tried using the tools speedgrade and premiere so far I just haven't been able to get the results I can with the PPW.

 By the way still frames of log footage look so dreadfully flat and colorless they appear helpless. but the information is in there and I actually love getting log frames they want to use for print. L.A.B. just loves them and the PPW just brings them to life, and you can be very aggressive with the correction  and the files holds up and doesn't just fall apart in my experience correcting them.

I have found out that the export process does not like and will not take groups of adjustment layers like the ones generated using the panel. I could do a bunch of manual adjustment layers but I am  looking for the speed and simplicity of using the panel. Does anyone know if there is a way to use groups of layers in video color correction? Jim Donovan


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