Re: CC 2015 Install Deletes All Older Versions Unless...

Hector Davila

I understand, but...
if you tell any programmer
to program the software
to remove all previous
versions from one's computer...
I don't see how that programmer
can sleep at night.

I would think any programmer would be shocked.

It's murder in my book.

Hector Davila

On 6/20/2015 11:46 AM, 'Chagnon | PubCom' chagnon@... [COLORTHEORY] wrote:

As a beta tester and advisor to many software companies for the past 35
years, I've learned that programmers at any company don't know jack about
how we use the software. They are programmers, not Photoshop experts,
prepress specialists, or photographers. Just garden variety code jockeys. It
takes years for them to understand what we do with their code.and then their
job is outsourced overseas to someone new. Or they retire, or move on to
other projects.

I wouldn't call their attitudes arrogant, but ill-informed might be a better
description. And then there are the marketing departments which call the
shots for the programmers. They always want something "new" in the software
so it can be marketed. Doesn't matter if that new thing does anything at
all, only that it can be pitched to sell more licenses. Oh, and be sure to
keep the Wall Street analysts happy with higher stock prices.

Marketing.yes, they can be arrogant, but I have many more choice words to
describe them!

--Bevi Chagnon

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