Re: LAB or RGB Color Boost

Hector Davila

If you want people to read that whole article, you first have to provide better before and after photos....
one look at the images and there is no reason to read the article. I went straight to the bottom and read your conclusion.

Hector Davila

On 3/3/2015 11:19 AM, gc.bakker@... [COLORTHEORY] wrote:

For those who are interested in a "Color by the Numbers" study, I have written a article that examines the differences between the LAB Color Boost (from the PPW panel) and the RGB Saturation slider.

We know that for color enhancement, LAB is usually superior. In my article, I try to explain why, by looking at how the two methods affect RGB or LAB pixel values, and what this means aesthetically.

The link is

Gerald Bakker


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