Re: Hi Dan, hi group!

Hector Davila

Are you kidding? Did you read what it said??

"When asked why it exports a noisier file than is captured, the company told us
that when doing customer research, it found that customers wanted smaller image files and
were willing to make the small sacrifice in quality."

Yeah right! 'Customers want smaller images, nosier files,  and are
were willing to make the small sacrifice in quality.'

You must be kidding! I tell my clients not to use a digital camera to copy photos.

That thing looks like a book scanner:

Hector Davila

On 11/21/2013 1:01 PM, Marcio Guerra wrote:
Hi Dan, hi, group! I've seen this stuff and haven't come that much into my email so that I could read the previous posts. Would someone like to comment how this improves what we have nowadays? Does this improve in any way the workflow Dan's developing?


I leave a link, if it meets the criteria to be published, from where I've knew the product!

Márcio Guerra

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