Is it possible to separate color from contrast?

Hector Davila

I just finished reading Dan's new book.

I was wondering. I don't know if this is possible.

Is it possible to separate color from contrast?

I know in Lab you have the Lightness channel that is black and white,
and the A and B channels that are color. So it is separated in LAB...
but the Lightness channel is 'lighter'. So it isn't a true b&w version.

I'm looking for that same separation in RGB.

I'm looking for a "True" version of a Black and White
extracted from the Color in that I can see/view
the Color mode and a Black and White mode of an image from RGB.

I know there are many ways of converting a color image into black and white.

But each conversion that one may use looks ...different from each other.

I don't know which method one can use to get a " *true* black and white" from
a RGB color image.

I'm not trying to get a black and white version of a RGB color image, I'm
trying to get a "TRUE" version of the B&W from an RGB color photo.

Maybe it's not possible, I don't know.

But every conversion I tried looks different from each other, which tells me it's not true,
or I don't know which is the true one. You know what I mean?


Hector Davila

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