Lee Varis

Hi all,

If I want to reproduce B+W photos as 4-color what do you recommend for custom CMYK setup in PS ? I've been using heavy GCR as opposed to medium or light but I'm wondering if "maximum" would be better or would it be more problematic with regards to dot gain settings, ect.. (the black plate does seem to be a little too heavy - but maybe that's a good thing for B+W images) Are there any special dot gain settings or curves that you use for magazine repro (the 'zine in question tells me to expect 25-30% dot gain and to limit black to 94% - Total Ink of 280%) In some images I have small areas of full color and I have composited those sections from a light GCR source into the overall "heavy" GCR B+W image - do you foresee any problems with this approach?


Lee Varis

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