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Chris Murphy <lists@...>

Dennis Kelly (dennis.p.kelly@...) writes:

Chris..thanks for the quick reply. I'll have to read up on droplets.
One quick question...if I open a jpeg, change only the color profile and
save it, (as a jpeg) am I recompressing and losing color information, or is
the image data left unchanged and just the exif data altered?
I think as long as you don't do a Save As, and the change only occurs to
non-image data, there is not lose of information (artifacting) as there
is no need for the image to be rerun through the JPEG algorithm. At least
my file sizes aren't changes substantially (a few bytes) when I add and
remove guides and do just a save. In the past, if I do a save as though,
file sizes start to drop rapidly indicating to me compression is throwing
out more data. However, I just tried this in Photoshop 7 and the file
size is the same - so it's almost like it knows that there is no change
in the image portion, or that given the quality setting, the data is
compressed as much as it should be.

I'm really not sure :)

Chris Murphy
Color Remedies (tm)
Boulder, CO

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