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In PSCS6, you could create an HDR file, save it as a 32bit TIF, then open it in ACR for tonal adjustments. Does the ACR/HDR feature in CC look much better than the previous workflow? I agree that Photomatix often produced a surreal appearance.

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I suppose someone should open the discussion of what's in the new photoshop for those of us that have access to it.

3 ACR for HDR blending. I had a go with a three image bracket sequence and it produced a natural looking 32-bit image that I really liked. Maybe it was a lucky first go and will be poor on other images but I really didn't like the old filters. I find photomatix too surreal looking so have always done manual light/dark masking on layers to produce HDR blends.

Perhaps most of this stuff is useless but today I feel like there's more in this update than I get from earlier updates. I really liked that ACR/HDR thing. I'll have to go to backup disk to get more image sequences to test it further.

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