Re: profiles and Photoshop 7

Chris Murphy <lists@...>

denkjersey (dennis.p.kelly@...) writes:

Does anyone know a way to tell Photoshop not to assign srgb to my
camera files?
No. Call Fuji, tell them that they are improperly assigning sRGB as the
profile in EXIF data in your files. If you don't complain, it won't get
fixed, and the problem is primarily with the digital camera vendors, not
Adobe. Although Adobe it being derelict for not coming up with a way to
deal with this reality (actually they had a way, but broke it in
Photoshop 7).

What I recommend doing is make a Droplet action in Photoshop that you can
drag an entire folder of images on, and it will remove sRGB, reassign the
profile you want, then convert to your working space and resave the
image. Once it's created, it will be a much quicker way of dealing with
the issue.

Chris Murphy
Color Remedies (tm)
Boulder, CO

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