profiles and Photoshop 7


I'm brand new here, so please excuse me if this has been discussed
before. With Photoshop 6.0 my Fuji S-1 camera files opened
as "untagged" which gave me the option to assign my custom camera
profile (created using Andrew Rodney's technique..thanks Andrew) and
then convert to my standard working space.
Photoshop 7 however, now "sees" my camera files as tagged with the
srgb profile which is gives me no where near as good color as my
custom profile. It's a huge pain having to open files, click
on "don't color manage" assign my profile and then convert to the
working don't want to jpeg these files I'm
saving them as tiffs with the new color space embedded..which is
taking up huge amounts of space.
Does anyone know a way to tell Photoshop not to assign srgb to my
camera files?
Thanks in advance.
Dennis Kelly

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