Re: PS 7 profiles & the D1x trouble

mrmattbarton <mrmattbarton@...>

Generally I only shoot Jpegs so I never bothered to install Nikon
Capture. But if it's as good as you say, I'll give it a shot.

Someone from Galbraiths forums suggested I check my
colorsync settings. Which I did and nothing changed. It appears
the D1x is using the AdobeRGB(1998) color space but can't
communicate that to PS 7. So my question is...

When I tell PS 7 to convert a new image to my workspace profile
(AdobeRGB) does it really change anything? Assuming the
image is already (secretly) AdobeRGB.


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Funny thing is when NC 2 reads the EXIF data it says Adobe

I can't believe your comments about Nikon Capture. You must
have never used
it. The PS plugin from the Nikon View disk gives you absolutely
no control
over the RAW files.

There is no better option to process RAW files than Nikon
Capture 2. The
quality both color and sharpness easy exceeds 35mm slide


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Don't I lose data or something by converting all the time?
Aside from slowing everything down, I worry that would
my images. I'd rather not use Nikon capture but if it helps, I
have to.

That sounds reasonable. But if my camera is actually
shooting in Adobe RGB(1998), why is sRGB coming up? Is it
just the default when that option is left blank?
Frankly, I think it's great that PS 7 is checking the EXIF info
color space. I just wish it was right.


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mrmattbarton wrote:

Ideally, we'd like the Adobe RGB (1998) profile to carry
from our camera
to our computers.
When you set the camera for Adobe RGB I'm betting that it
doesn't embed the
profile in camera produced JPEGS, it just uses that space
output. It
makes little sense to waste precious camera processing
power and disk space
to write the same chunk of data (even a very small one) to
image...especially with a camera that prides itself on
speed. With
no real profile present, it sounds like PS7 is now honoring
EXIF data
where PS6 didn't. If a real profile were there, its my
understanding that
it takes precedence over the EXIF tag.

Bob Smith

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