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Sterling Ledet

If cookies are enabled, you should just have to do this once per computer you access from. It's my understanding Internet Explorer 7 may have problems. If you test with a different computer or browser, you'll definitely need to do it once more. Should only be once more though, per new browser and/or computer. It just needs to write the cookie.

- Sterling Ledet

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Susan Chapin writes,
It is getting tiresome to have to go through the
ask-for-access/get-email/click-link trail every time I want to go
to the website private resources, for example today to download
the latest Ch04 zip file, or whenever I want to watch a video.

Is there a way around this that I missed or is this just the way it
No, this is some type of local problem. In the two other cases we are
aware of the user's browser was configured to disallow cookies
(which is often the case on some office computers).
The solution would be 1) make sure that cookies are enabled; 2) test
with a different browser; 3) test with a different computer.
Dan Margulis

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