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Years ago when in a workshop with John Sexton (who printed for Ansel Adams back in the day), he shared the idea of going "too far" when adjusting contrast in the darkroom. You won't know you've gone far enough until you go too far.

I think there is a great parallel here with that darkroom analogy.

Darren Bernaerdt

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On 4/11/2013 5:36 AM, Dan Margulis wrote:

The most difficult recommendation for people to swallow is that we
should stop being careful about our correcting and instead (where time
permits) do additional quick versions from scratch, with the idea of
I think I understand what Dan means by " stop being careful about our

Having read his past books
I've seen a pattern,
a certain style if you will..

"being careful" slows you down.

Instead of moving forward...slowly,
go fast forward and then slide back.

You will see many examples
of this style in Dan's books.

From the very beginning of
moving blur to 500,
and then moving it back,
instead of slowly moving 0-100-200-300...500.

Man from Mars is a color boost that
moves forward fast, and
you just slide back.

Bigger Hammer, etc, etc.

He takes tools to the extreme ,and
then moves it back, whereas
moving forward just takes to long the
get where you're going.

All of his tools and books are based
on that style. At least that is what I see.

I liked that approach, it's faster.

Hector Davila

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