Ledet initial shipment of books for international shipment sold out

Sterling Ledet

I wanted to provide a quick note that my initial shipment of books for International shipment is sold out but I am expecting another shipment soon. I had originally said I planned to do the initial shipment tomorrow, but I am actually going to be out of the office all day tomorrow and will be shipping that initial order out Wednesday instead.

I plan to notify everyone who has placed an order for international shipment about the status on Wednesday. Depending on whether or not I get additional books tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon, all current orders may or may not be filled on Wednesday. I am not currently in posession of any more books that are available for sale. All the books I am currently in posession of are spoken for.

We do still plan to eventually have Amazon enabled for international shipment. We are just waiting for them to receive their complete allotment. They've successfully received 2 out of the 3 shipments destined for their various warehouses.

- Sterling Ledet

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