Re: Modern Photoshop Color Workflow book shippping

Sterling Ledet

To our international friends,

I want to assure you it won't be years before the book is available internationally. The problem for today (literally, today, March 22, 2013) is that Amazon hasn't even received all of the inventory in their warehouses. Only one of the three Amazon warehouses scheduled to receive inventory has received books so far, and while Dan has received his personal shipment, I've not received my allotment.

I am hoping my 250 copies come in to Atlanta by Monday. Once I receive them, I'll sell anyone who wants a book internationally one of those. We'll probably use Global Priority Mail and an s&h charge of $30 (so the total will be $94.95 US) and require payment through paypal.

I'll have to batch this though, and we aren't Amazon and I have a business to run, so I won't be offering same day turnaround on orders like Amazon. I'll do something like weekly shipments. Can't even promise which day of the week that will be though until I get our shipment of books at the Ledet Training headquarters in Atlanta.

However, if you don't mind being a little patient with us, eventually (best guess currently is within 30 days, but don't hold me to that either), we'll be fully enabled for international fulfillment using Amazon's "Fulfilled by Amazon" program. That will be our preferred way of handling international sales. It just takes a little while to setup and requires additional paperwork by us and additional approval cycles by Amazon. It's coming though. Just not first day!

- Sterling

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