Re: Modern Photoshop Color Workflow book shippping

Michael King


Let's not worry about the price - just about how are those of us NOT in the
USA going to get a copy?

How can I get one in UK?

Many Txs,

Mike King

On 22 March 2013 20:36, sjledet <> wrote:


The original intent was to have a list price of $75 and a discount price
of $10 less than that. making the actual sale price $64.95.

This is the first day it's available for order and we are still figuring
out how to work with the Fulfilled by Amazon system.

George and Bill, if you've bought at $75, email me directly, and I'll
provide a $10 Amazon gift card to reimburse you for the extra $10. Dan and
I both appreciate you and this entire group tremendously and we weren't
intentionally trying to punish early purchases.

It's just that as of today, we are still working out some glitches. Looks
like the sale price of $64.95 is now active (although it's not reflected as
a sale price, but just as if that was the list price of the book). I still
haven't figured out to make it list on Amazon as a Fulfilled by Amazon book
at a list price of $74.95 with a $10 discount. That's what we are hoping to
eventually have in place. If anyone here happens to have ever done that and
can help provide feedback, please contact me off list at at

I am also happy to discuss and get feedback on what people think we should
be charging considering it's not just a book, but actually a book plus a
ton of video content.

- Sterling

--- In, "George Machen" <gmachen@...> wrote:

$75 on Amazon - yow!

{moderator insert} I'm not sure what this is all about yet. I can tell
you that I have received books, but I was unaware that anyone was offering
them for sale yet or what prices they might be charging. More later when I
have more information--DM {/moderator insert}

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