Re: What causes this blotching?


Another difference in this digital age is that the dust is on every photo until you clean the sensor. In the "good old days", a piece of dust landing on your unexposed film would be gone when you advanced to the next frame.

Darren Bernaerdt

On 2013-03-07, at 2:30 PM, Hector_APR <amerphoto@...> wrote:
I'm surprised in this digital age photographers are still
having...'dust problems'. Dust was the biggest enemy of photographers in
the past. It created a 'spotting industry'.
With all that dust in the air, how could you print from a negative?
Cleaning negatives and lenses is like having an OCD problem.

I don't know how 'color photos' before the digital age of computers
were....color corrected.

Hector Davila

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