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I don't know how 'color photos' before the digital age of computers
were....color corrected.
Well, I am old enough to tell you.

If there was a large budget - we did dye transfers -->

We airbrushed.

We used Durst Enlargers - they had heads that lets us 'tune' the exposure..

We would make color separations, and we would wet etch - that is, we would
pull a proof, we would paint or pour an acid on a positive film to make
dots smaller, or make dots larger in an area by doing the same with a
negative. We would stop the processs by washing it with water, using a hair
dryer, then examining it with a loupe.

later on - for 500,000.00 - you could by a scitex Imager. - that is - in
the late 70's early 80s

where we scanned transparencies and did "photoshop" like things ( before
Photoshop existed )


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