Re: pattern removal redux


Hi Steven,

This is an elegant and neat solution. Could I ask how to colour the greyscale image back to the original in RGB?

When I try with layer blend mode the blue shapes come back as a pale cyan over my white sheet area.

All the best,

-andy blundell

--- In colortheory@..., Steven Barton <stevenbarton@...> wrote:

I posted a quick attempt that could be more carefully worked up, using the original size. File name is Pattern-SB.

Working from a copy I converted to CMYK and made a grayscale from the yellow channel. After preparing an outline with the pen tool, I used the Photoshop "blur surface" filter to wipe out the big detail and dust and scratches (selectively brushed in) to remove the fine details. I dropped that back into the RGB and colored it the hue of the original, tweaking as seemed fit.

Steven Barton

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