Re: EXIF Data

Chris Corich

With regards to EXIF data, I have the opposite problem as the one at hand.

I don't really do much with my photos beyond putting them up on Facebook and Flickr, and occasionally print some out for friends or relatives. However, on Facebook, all information is stripped out - even the original filename. So if someone wants a print, I have to look at the photo, figure out where I took it, when I took it (sometimes the photos before and after give me a clue), and find *that* in lightroom. It's quite the pain in the butt.

Also, I stitch photos together into panoramas. But the version of PTGUI I use (and being unemployed, I can't afford the newer version) does not carry EXIF data from the source files over to the output file. I would like for the output file to have this information so when I'm gong through my library, the panoramas show up alongside the originals. In order to pass the data through, I have to take one of the source TIFFs, resize it to the stitched file's dimensions, and copy the stitched file over to the original TIFF.

Chris Corich

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Hear, hear! Dan captures my feelings exactly though I could not express
them so elegantly and succinctly.

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