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On 2013-02-24, at 8:07 AM, George Machen <gmachen@...> wrote:

On Feb 24, 2013, at 9:29 AM, John Castronovo wrote:

As far as I can tell, the FFT plug-in
mentioned here doesn't work with
Photoshop CS-5 or 6 on the Mac.
Yeah, it says it's only for Mac OS 10.5.8 & 10.6.8; CS3 or PS Elements
8, but at the bottom of the webpage it says, "Windows and Adobe CS5
versions coming soon!"... who knows?

There's Reindeer Graphics, Inc.'s FoveaPro and Image Processing
Toolkit which include FFT & inverse FFT, but they're very expensive
and it looks like this company is nebulous because some of the product
pages are missing.

The only other free FFT for Mac of which I'm aware is a plug-in for

But if you can get you hands on a Reindeer Graphics one, it's the
easiest to use -- works directly & seamlessly with color images (no
machinations of luminosity blends of the inverse FFT back into the
original, etc.), and it has an accompanying "Top Hat" filter that
makes it real easy to erase the "stars" in the FFT.

- George Machen

I used ImageJ on two images that I had to restore lately that had a strong pebbled print surface. They were greyscale, but it was relatively easy to work with. It strikes me that this filter is amazing when you need it, however it's a rare situation when I require it in my work. I'll make due with the interface given how often it use it.

Darren Bernaerdt

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