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Hector Davila

I haven't come across 'moire patterns' , just mostly 'texture patterns
and screen newspaper print patterns'.

First you need the freeware plugin Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
(there are others out there, like Image J)

I don't have time for the blocking out the white dots one by one...

so sometimes I just use photoshop 'dust and scratches'..
i might even just blacken the whole area 4 parts.

Now, I skip entirely blocking out the dots..using actions.
Then there might be only 4 or 5 stars left, and I block that.

I do what can be known as a... Bigger Hammer, then I hammer out the
4 or 5 remaining white dots.

But, do what Dan Margulis does, throw out the photoshop manual, and
all the other manuals and experiment doing what others don't do.

Hector Davila

On 12/4/2012 3:40 PM, sefmccullough wrote:

Interesting results Hector - can you discuss your approach? This is a
different problem than moire of course, did you find that you used
techniques for removing moire in these examples?

Sef McCullough

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I'm currently reading
Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the
Most Powerful Colorspace
and he mentions moire patterns removing..
I notice that Dan does a lot of...experimenting.

I've been experimenting with removing textured patterns.

My goal is to remove the texture 100 percent without affecting the
original details..

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