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I posted my quick fix for these, take a look

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Thank you for posting your tutorial. Definitely faster than the LAB/Apply Image technique for this type of moiré.

I added a couple more images to the album you created. They are 100% crops of raw files. They show varying degrees of moiré in all three RGB channels. Have you found a solution other than the LAB/Apply Image technique for these types of images? Once selections are required, that's where I have found my workflow takes a serious dent in productivity.

Darren Bernaerdt

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I have placed a video on my site (no wise cracks about the site I started 3 years ago but never finished : )

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I have placed 2 images in the photo's folder, a before and a after of moire on fabric. I fixed the image in photoshop, it is a simple fix. I will post a more difficult image to fix if there is enough interest. So before I post how I fixed this image have some fun trying to fix it yourself.

folder: Digital Back moire

Carey Riddell

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