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Henry Davis

Hi John,

I enjoy your inside baseball posts - it has a familiar ring to it. I had to laugh at your mention of the endless parade of color consultants. You were probably the best asset they had for that job - but how many jobs can one do?

That's the feeling I have sometimes about photographers. They already have a full-time job. Adding image prep only stretches things further. Even though I understand the motivations, it does seem to be taking on too much. Now if things weren't as tight and personnel numbers were adequate then doing their own editing might be more reasonable to add to their task load.

I couldn't tell you any more about focal length than I could about Adam's house cat. A pro photographer picks a lens for the situation he encounters, sets the exposure and frames it and as best he can. He takes the shot. I don't need to know about lens stuff. I need to know that his photography is credible. The more I doubt this, the more I doubt the credibility of the publisher and everyone working there. The whole operation suffers, as well as the public.

Pertinent content that gets cropped after the fact doesn't need to happen - but it does for various reasons. That's my concern with cropping. Content removal needs supervision and supervision needs the original exposure for comparison. Is that asking too much?

If a competitor published an uncropped version it would damage the credibility of the source that cropped out the pertinent content - as well as be a disservice to the public. I'd hate to be the guy that approved that photo.


On Jan 10, 2012, at 11:38 PM, John Denniston wrote:

On 1/10/2012 2:46 PM, Henry Davis wrote:

could make this perception worse by saying that even cropping
needs to
be supervised - take that! There are times when cropping is just a
euphemism for "content removal".
Hi Henry,

So what focal length lens would you suggest the photographer use so he
doesn't crop the scene when taking the picture?

Regards, John

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