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Sterling Ledet

Dan said:

The price is too high, the cloud offers no advantage, and Adobe's
actions with its activation package over the last few years
demonstrate that it cannot be trusted to administer a subscription
program in an ethical fashion.
While value/price is subjective, the statement that the cloud offers no advantage is objectively false. The pros are many. Just look at how many web services are out there making a lot of money on freemium and paid services.

There are cons as well, but to make a claim that the cloud offers no advantage is just erroneous. In addition to to the obvious integration with mobile devices, a subscription model makes a wealth of potential new services available that I am very confident Adobe will invest heavily in.

While Adobe may or may not succeed in marketing the benefits and has yet to execute on the packaging of CS6, it is certainly premature to claim that there will be no benefits at all from cloud computing in CS6.

In essence, subscription based pricing is a major change in business models. It will have advantages and disadvantages for the existing client base and it will be a challenge to execute on, but there are a ton of things it offers.

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