Re: Monitor - Eye Adaptation

Dick Dougall

On 7/8/2011 6:07 AM, LouisD wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions, tips or solutions to help solve this human visual adaptation problem? Any links or articles that address it, and offer helpful suggestions? I'm curious what others do.


Lou Dina
Lou - is your PhotoShop set up so the screen area around the picture being work on is neutral gray? That usually helps me judge color cast. Beyond that, I think you are into the suggestions published by our own Dan Margulis. Maybe someone can pinpoint us to one of several discussions where typical numbers are given for a variety of situations like caucasian flesh tones - grass green - clear blue sky - etc etc. Knowing these typical numbers can give you a clue as to the color balance of your image when you do not have an obvious neutral area to measure.

When there is a neutral area - white, gray or black, I use one of the eye droppers in Curves or Levels to make sure I am neutral. It is rare that an image does not have these tones -- and to that point, you will find a common bit of advice is to carry around a chip of 18% gray or a chart that has white, black and 18% gray which you insert into the first of a series of pictures taken under a given lighting condition - use that to bring that sample image in to color balance and then use that setting in ACR to snap all the others in the series into line.

Hope this helps.

Dick Dougall

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