Re: Black Macaque

Paul Lawrence

As a professional photographer who shot his first wedding using ONLY
available/ambient light just last month (I spent many years using a
Bronica 6x6 with flash/fill flash on ALL my wedding photographs) I
suspect that were Karsh and Adams here today and photographing a modern
fast moving wedding they would embrace every aspect of the latest
digital technology - except 'CHIMPING' !

I still do use a tripod occassionally at weddings, in part for crowd
control as well as camera control. Surely it is all about getting
results. Ron before you judge that photographer too harshly look at
his/her results, you might be surprised. Quality of light has always
been of prime importance, now quantity of light is less important than
it ever was. But as a landscape photographer Ron you will know more
about light quality than most wedding photographers need to know, and
dare I suggest probably a little less about managing people in front of
a camera at a wedding?

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On 07/07/2011 04:53, Ron Kelly wrote:
Hmmm . . . the idea that a photographer can make better pictures than a monkey is getting harder and harder to fight.

I was at a wedding recently, and very disturbed to notice that the photographer, who in my opinion was getting a pretty
good fee, was not using a tripod. Shooting in the church, outside, and at the reception with nothing but ambient light,
and undoubtedly using very high ISOs.

I'm just too much of a traditionalist, obviously. Give me Yousef Karsh, or Ansel Adams.

Ron Kelly

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