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Ron Kelly <ron@...>

Hmmm . . . the idea that a photographer can make better pictures than a monkey is getting harder and harder to fight.

I was at a wedding recently, and very disturbed to notice that the photographer, who in my opinion was getting a pretty
good fee, was not using a tripod. Shooting in the church, outside, and at the reception with nothing but ambient light,
and undoubtedly using very high ISOs.

I'm just too much of a traditionalist, obviously. Give me Yousef Karsh, or Ansel Adams.

Ron Kelly

On 2011-07-06, at 6:42 AM, David wrote:

Does anyone else on the list think it's the collective at work bringing another Black Macaque photograph into the mainstream? I've seen the story here and there, but NBC Nightly News closed with it last night.


Full Story:

The retouching reminded me of Dan's book and I couldn't help but wonder if the Macaque has read Professional Photoshop.

Thanks Dan!

David Lawrence

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