Re: Feininger's Zone System remarks

John Denniston <john_denniston@...>

Hi Howard,

This information is not correct. Adams like a lot of photographers would save a difficult print with areas of dodging and burning marked on it as well as paper grade, developer, and exposure times so the print could be duplicated at some future time.

When I cleaned out my darkroom a few years ago I came across a box of my own "master prints".

That's not to say he didn't ever make a copy print for a particular project. Karsh did that with his pictures that were sent out to newspapers and magazines in the 1950's. I found a bunch of them when the newspaper I worked for moved it's newsroom to a new building. Adams possibly did the same thing for prints meant for publication in newspapers and magazine.

Regards, John

On 7/4/2011 6:44 AM, Howard Smith wrote:
Adams produced a single, master print
with the aid of considerable darkroom manipulation. When he had just the
effect he wanted, he used a copy camera to
produce "orignals" from his master print. It seemed
unlikely that any man could faithfully reproduce all those complex darkroom
moves in subsequent prints,
Is this information correct?

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