Re: Professional Phot... (WAS: Feininger's Zone System remarks)

Paul Lawrence

Hi All

As a professional photographer I started out studying Ansel Adams and
adapting his teaching to something workable for me.

Then I moved on to Hans-Carl Koch and working in the studio with various
cameras (including a wonderful Sinar) endeavouring to get close to the 4
stops using reflectors mirrors and lots of blue tack...

Then I saw a brief review of 'Professional Photoshop' in the British
Institute of Professional Photographers journal just as I was starting
to use Photoshop... So now in the completely digital world where I spend
far more time in front of a computer than behind a camera my workflow is
based on the writings of Dan Margulis where I have found most of it
comes together...

best regards

Paul Lawrence T:01903 216621 M:07711 185478

On 04/07/2011 03:09, George Machen wrote:
Oh, I dunno'.... "4 stop photography"
sounds like the best thing since sliced
bread (or zeroing-out the raw developer)
- that is, if one wants better results
in post.

- George Machen

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