Re: An Era Ends

David Deranian

Hello Dan--

Like Doug who wrote you below, I too, am one of many "active" lurkers on this list. I pretty much read it top to bottom everyday. I too am an "older dude" who started with Photoshop going all the way back to the time is was called "Photo-Mac" and was installed via floppy disk. It wasn't until my mentor Sanjay Sakuja from Digital Prepress International in San Francisco took me under his wing and suggested I read your first book that I was permanently converted into the non-calibrationists camp and have never regretted it.

I have to say, it wasn't without some negative result. I taught a Photoshop class for photographers at a Boston University extension school, and used your methods. Suffice it to say, the class was a huge success, and my students were very pleased with the result of their much improved photos, and this is years before Man-From-Mars was around. After a while, the school standardized their curriculum, but I still insisted on using your far superior techniques, to the appreciation of my students. None the less, I was eventually "not renewed" for being a rogue instructor that wouldn't follow the inferior standardized teaching protocol. So much for institutions of higher learning.

In spite of all that, I have to thank you immensely for providing me with the tools and skills that have helped me maintain an edge over my competitors. To my clients and professional colleagues I'm the go-to-guy and a bit of a know-it-all. But I have no delusions, I can't come close to knowing what you and the other heavy weight guys and gals on this list contribute on a regular basis. I actually do feel a little guilty for not being more of an active participant on this list, but I want you and everyone that does write in to know that while many of us are passive readers, we very much appreciate the vast amount of knowledge you generous folks are willing to share.

My best wishes to you for a peaceful and well deserved "semi-retirement". And while we all wish you peace, love and relaxation, we also all hope eventually you'll get itchy enough to write another book, or do some more instructional videos for us poor folk.

Thanks for everything Dan!

Warm Regards,
--David Deranian
Cambridge, Massachusetts

On Nov 30, 2010, at 10:01 AM, colortheory@... wrote:

Hello Dan,

We've never met in person, but I have met you through your books,
articles in the NAPP magazine, and for a number of years met you in
these threads as I lurked on the sidelines.

This post is to say thank you to you for all that I have learned from
you; it is also to wish you well with whatever happens next.

Bon chance,


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