Color Correction by the Numbers for Ink Jets

hfdomke <missouri@...>

Dan Margulis's writes on p. 23 and 24 in "Professional
Photoshop 6" that for writing curves, the Highlight should be
5C2M2Y and the Shadow should probably be something like
80C70M70Y70K. This is geared for prepress and many of us
also print on high quaility ink jet printers that want RGB

If I go into Photoshop's color picker and enter those numbers
and convert them to RGB I get these numbers:
Highlight: R248 G250 B255
Shadow: R0 G1 B12

If I can pick my black point and white point dropper values to use
with curves (such as in a program like Nikon Capture 2) would
these be reasonable number to enter if my output device will be
a 6-ink Epson Inkjet printer like the SP-890, 2000P or 75000? (I
use all three). What about if I was outputting to an Iris printer?

Thanks for the help!

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