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Dan has alot of material on sharpening including the use of Hiraloam in PP5E where he discusses quite a few settings for different objectives ranging from special-purpose sharpening to other effects altogether, not all of which are necessarily targeted by PK Sharpener. My comment was a contribution aimed at the choice between pouring sweat over general sharpening issues in Photoshop or using PK. Where you say "Photokit is only executing Photoshop Commands", yes, but I would recommend deleting the word "only". While no one tool does everything, it is a very sophisticated set of highly versatile algorythms - of course all employing a range of Photoshop components - which took those guys a long period of time to develop and perfect. From what I've been reading tons of effort went into the concepts and numbers at the heart of that tool. I just haven't been tempted by much else since I started using it. But I do appreciate Hiraloam and in fact use it primarily for local contrast
enhancement, combined with Blend If perhaps similarly to what you describe. By the way, Katrin Eismann has a nice piece on this combination in PhotoshopUser magazine December 2006 page 039. I recorded an Action for the whole sequence - it tames the tendancy of Hiroloam to clip highlights and shadows.

Mark Segal

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Unless I am mistaken, regular sharpening and the Photokit "plug" is
not the same sharpening that Dan is talking of with HiRaLoAm (the
closest Fraser method is midtone contrast sharpening, which uses much
higher radius and smaller amount than what Dan is talking of).

I peronally use blend if sliders to limit the white halo (which is
what Photokit would be doing, it is only executing Photoshop commands
and does not actually add new USM code or anything), if not using
separate lighten/darken layers or fades etc..

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