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Lee Varis

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We need to back off for a bit because I think Lee's explanation
changed the
ground rules. As I understood what he said he is deliberately
shooting in a way
that would produce a bad JPEG, knowing that he has Camera Raw as a
Correct, except I don't consider Camera Raw a safety net - just a
better way to setup the image. To fully take advantage of RAW
processing you have to expose even more carefully than you do
normally because you are flirting with overexposure – if you go to
far there's no coming back – no safety net there!

The Jpeg clips values at both ends of the tonal range and I'm
"placing" the values at the upper limit of the captured data. In some
cases this highlight info would be clipped to white in the jpeg so
shooting Jpegs this way would not work! RAW processing is not a way
to protect against bad exposure so much as a new way to handle
digital capture.

If you test for this new setup and save new default renderings you
can end up with better images but there's no automatic way to handle
every image the same way so you do have to spend some time post
capture to setup your processing and many, in a time = money
workflow may not find enough value in pursuing RAW.

Beginners may find RAW to be a "safety net" to protect against
mistakes but Professionals will use RAW to squeeze the best possible
quality out of an image by carefully placing scene values into the
best range of the captured data and setting the rendering or
processing for a more ideal value structure – very much like the old B
+W negative strategy of "expose for the highlights and process for
the shadows". I have an old ACR tutorial for the calibration
procedure and I'm currently working on an updated version to handle
Lightroom/ACR 4.


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