Re: Camera Raw Settings

Dan Margulis

Mark Segal writes:

<< For the record, I never had in the back of my mind a notion that one would
"never" exit Camera Raw. it is not a matter of "either" "or", but rather when
and why to use each. >>

Then, I think there has been a major misunderstanding, because the quote to
which you were directly responding said:

"With rare image-specific exceptions, essentially anybody who is not a
beginner will get better final results by shooting JPEG and correcting in Photoshop
than an expert can who shoots raw BUT IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANY MANIPULATION

I trust you will agree that the statement clearly and unambiguously refers
ONLY to persons who refuse to do any manipulation in Photoshop at all, and that
it does not say or imply anything about people who work in Raw first and
*then* work in Photoshop. (And I backed off it somewhat, too, in the light of Lee's
response.) PP5E states explicitly that I think are occasions when best
results are only possible through the use of Camera Raw or similar module.

Dan Margulis

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