Re: UCR vs GCR

aaronkiley <>

--- In colortheory@y..., Dan Margulis <76270.1033@c...> wrote:
UCR: 60c20m81y1k
Light GCR: 59c18m80y2k
Medium GCR: 56c14m77y7k
Heavy GCR: 55c11m76y10k
Maximum GCR: 46c0m69y24k

No matter how heavy the black runs on press, it won't muddy up this
if you are using UCR or Light GCR. Anything higher is a risk. OTOH,
if your
agenda for the image is very subdued colors, having more black will
insure that nothing goes wrong. In theory, all of these black
will give the same result. But as we do not live in a perfect
world, in
practice they do not.

Dan Margulis
I have a question about "kinds" of black. (assuming all the
following would be light GCR)... Does a shadow made with higher black
ink, (73c 63m 63y 91k) versus the same total ink shadow made with
less black (80c 70m 70y 70k) have roughly the same look? If so, is
it increasing contrast in the black channel that makes a shadow look
blacker? I'm trying to reverse engineer some images that were
corrected by someone else. They have a very solid black "look" with
a ton of shadow contrast. The only way I can get this look on screen
is a huge black contrast curve. ... Aaron

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