Re: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?


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No, this is traditional UCR, black only appearing where
necessary to
achieve darkness, not to hold neutrality.
For anyone interested - I put together a quick example page.

This shows the specific separation controls for the Scitex
EverSmart Supreme oXYgen scanning software - including the
dubiously named 'OFF', UCR and GCR options.

Note the alien grey ramp for the OFF setting - which is what we
generally use for inhouse work and trade scans.

In Dans book, there are some images which show the effects of
GCR and total ink limits - which restrict the detail in the

I have also included a quick screen shot showing the difference
in the magenta colour sep for a shadow region.

There are also links to low res TIF files of both Photoshops UCR
sep and the CreoScitex sep.

Even though the detail may not show on press, even with our
CTP setup - the OFF setting in the CreoScitex software
produces much more shadow detail in all separations.

As time goes on, I will do more tests - on coloured areas as well
as shadows and neutrals.

This is just to help visually explain my original confusing thread
on the 'off' setting.

Stephen Marsh.

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