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Subject: Re: Scanner Training Advice (was: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?)

Each time you check a new area of the image, its a new 'max
detail' scan. This can take about 30 seconds just to evaluate the

Dan wrote to me that Photoshop is better. Now I understand
what he meant.

No matter how many options, or how good the tool - if it is hard
or impractical to use, the results may be poorer than
Photoshops 'poor' USM.
I was wondering if anyone here has used and has an opinion on Nik Sharpener Pro.
We've been using it a while now because we we're getting huge variations from
user to user in sharpening and some customers had complained. Now, we're all
pretty much in the same ballpark and are getting some superb results, really. The only
caveat seems to be a shift to yellow in neutral areas, but I cure that but fading
to luminosity.

Any reason not to be using it? It cost enough...

W. Garabrant
Kulmbach, Germany

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